The authorities procrastinate in delving into the sexual exploitation of the female janitors, where one of the dignitaries from Safi city, in Morocco is involved


Human rights sources in Safi city were surprised by the delay in referring a file on trafficking in human beings, in which the owner of a company was involved, while other files related to human trafficking in other cities were sentenced.

The Moroccan media confirmed that the file, which was referred by the king's public prosecutor of the Court of Appeal in Safi to the royal gendarmerie to investigate the complaints filed by the female workers in a sexual exploitation and abuse case, "is still like it is, despite the long time since the filing of the complaints. "

The human rights activists in Safi called on the head of the public prosecution, to open an investigation on the reasons behind the delay of this file, especially that the complainant is one of the city’s dignitaries, stressing the need to go far in this case in view of the horrific sexual assault attempts, according to the female janitors’ complaints.

Rashid al-Shariaie, the president of the National Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Morocco said in a media statement: "This file has raised many contradictions, as it has proven that not all citizens are not equal before the law".

Moreover, he pointed out: "If the accused was a normal citizen, he would be tried, unlike this citizen who enjoys all the privileges, which made this file remain as it is for more than a year and a half”.

The president of the National Assembly for the Defence of Human Rights in Morocco expressed his surprise at the delay in referring the file to the court, calling on the Public Prosecution to implement the law so that the file takes its normal course in the same manner as the rest of the files, taking into consideration the investigations launched by Head of the Public Prosecution, regarding human trafficking.

The case broke out when a number of women lodged complaints to the king's attorney at the Court of First Instance in Safi, asserting that the complainant wanted to force them to have sex with him, taking advantage of their urgent need to work, expelling some of them when they refused to respond to his whims.

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