The layoff of 1200 employees from the Tunisian Airlines


The Tunisian Minister of Transport stated that the structural reform program of the Tunisian Airlines Complex, which was approved by the cabinet on Monday 20 May 2019, stipulates the layoff of 1200 workers, over a period of three years.

In a press conference, the Minister of Transport stressed that this program will be developed in partnership with the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), and that the process of layoffs will be based on a study and scientific grounds and far from favouritism and nepotism.

This reform program aims at addressing the financial situation of the Tunisian Airlines, due to the high number of employees and the accumulation of losses, which reached in 2017 about 165 million dinars (55090200 dollars) compared to 145 million dinars (48412600) in 2016.

Regarding the problems of the transfer of farmers, the minister stated that a work plan has been approved for the provision of cars that would transfer the workers in the interior to eliminate the means of parallel transport in this sector.

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