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The Story of Torturing the Child "Nour", which Details Shook the Egyptian Society


Adel Zakaria - Member of the Arab Trade Union Media Network- Egypt

Signs of beating and torture on the thin body of the nine-year-old child "Nour", are telling the story of a human tragedy for a child whose misfortune made her to be born to a poor family. Poverty and need have forced her father to sell her to work as a maid for a wealthy family for only 5,000 Egyptain Pounds. Five Thousand Pounds fir which the little girl has paid the price of a year of torture and enslavement by people who thought that by their influence and wealth they might have everything, that they might possess even the body of this child who only dreamed of a few bites to help her stay alive.

The story of "Nour" has received the sympathy of thousands on social networking sites in Egypt during the past few days after the publication of her photographs and demanded punishment for persons who committed this crime against her and accountability of those responsible for this human tragedy.

It all started at one of the chalets in Al-Hamam area in the northern coast (a resort for wealthy people) when the little girl managed to escape and go out to the street and sought help from a member of the security of the tourist village, she told him her tragedy although the signs of torture on her fragile body are enough to tell the whole story. This noble person escorted her to the police station, took photographs for her and published appeals to save her through one of the social media pages specialized in advertising about missing children.

AT Al Hamam police station alarming facts were revealed, facts that are at least described as belonging to the era of slaves. The girl's real name is "Shaima Ahmed Saad Abdel Hamid, aka "Nour", she is approx. ten years, her father is separated from her mother and lives in the area of Ezbet Al Safih, one of the poorest slums of the Egyptian capital, she has three sisters, Saif, Mohammed and Saad, her father sold her about a year ago to the family of a Colonel doctor named "Abdul Hamid" and his wife "Heba" and their son "Walid" who is studying at the Faculty of Media and reside in one of the villas at the sixth district of the city of Obour on the outskirts of Cairo.

Shaima or Nour tells how the family practiced all forms of torture on a daily basis for almost trivial reasons, by tying her to the chair by the wife and beating her with cable all over her body. The little stated in the police report No. (491/2018-Marina Misdemeanors), at Marina Police Station, El Alamein how she was punished in the recent incident during the vacation in the North Coast area by shaving her hair to look like a boy, and then beaten brutally just because she had eaten one of the small packets of Halawa, which price does not exceed a few pounds .. Only a few pounds pushed the wife to torture the body of the little girl in an unprecedented brutal way.

After the police move to help the child, the head of the family, a retired police colonel, made a counter-statement accusing Nour of attempting to steal him and his family, justifying the injuries to her body by alleging that when she was trying to escape one of the shutters of the

window fallen on her as if a window shutter was the one who shaved her hair or caused all those injuries to her body. Moreover, in a strange challenge and under a clear undisputed confession of the crime, the man shouts demanding the restoration of his money from the father of the little girl, as if buying a child from her father is normal as buying any regular commodity, he also has gone too far and confirmed that he is not feeling sorry of what he did, and that he is ready to beat her again in front of everyone at the police station!!

The police report was referred to the Public Prosecution. The Prosecution heard the child's statement, the concierge of the area where the perpetrator lives in Cairo, and the security man of the tourist village where the chalet owned by the perpetrator and his family is located. The villa concierge affirms that they always heard the cries of the child, confirming that it was not the first time for the girl to be assaulted as if the torture parties are sacred and daily ritual conducted by the perpetrators.

The Deputy Minister of Social Solidarity in Alexandria, said that the rapid intervention team and a representative of the Social Solidarity Foundation in Alexandria were sent to Marina police station, where the child was received based on the decision of the Public Prosecution and transferred to a shelter "Janioti" to receive the necessary care.

The Public Prosecution ordered to put the head of the family, the retired police colonel, under custody after verification of the child's statements, and to refer Shaima to the forensic doctor to prove her injuries in an official report, and then to start litigation procedures in an attempt to extract justice to Shaima from her executioners.