The Sudanese political and civic female groups in Sudan shouted all together: " It has not been toppled yet"


" It has not been toppled yet" is a slogan raised by women's and civil groups in Sudan (Mensem) to point out that the Sudanese revolution is still ongoing.

The women's groups issued a joint communiqué honouring the Sudanese people, who imposed their will, which resulted in the overthrown of al-Bashir from power and his defence minister, Ibn Auf, in a "unique cohesion and determination by the people."

Mensem praised in its statement "The strong morale of the revolutionaries during strikes, men and women, youth, and their firm awareness to confront the attempts of failing the Sudanese revolution and reveal the conspiracies on the revolution, which has sacrificed the pure blood of many victims.”

The statement affirmed the adherence of women's groups to the Declaration of Freedom and Change, and their refusal to give the military full power, as the army is a national faction in a sovereign council.

The statement called for the formation of a transitional civilian government for four years , which consists of technocrats, who would work on getting the country out of the economic collapse and promote it in accordance with a comprehensive development plan, ensuring equality and justice in the distribution of resources between the different regions of Sudan, taking into account the allocation of budget to revive the areas, that have been destroyed by the subjective policies of rescue.

The women's groups stressed the need to work on spreading peace and build transitional justice institutions to heal the wounds and remedy the grievous damage, as well as to liquidate the security and popular defence apparatus and all the militias of the regime and to collect their weapons, in addition to fight corruption, liquidate institutions that absorb the resources of the Sudanese state and to review the partnerships with foreigners to ensure the benefit of the people and recover the looted money.

In recognition of the role of the Sudanese women, during three decades of oppression and marginalization, the women's group asked that the percentage of women’s representation in any government at the political, economic, social and cultural levels, should be 50%, warning against the non-meeting of this demand.

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