Will the Moroccan government reach a final agreement with the unions?


The representative trade union centres approved on the latest government offer, which includes an increase of 500 dirhams ($ 52), a 10 percent increase in two payments for the minimum wage (SMIG) and the minimum agricultural wage.

Sources from the Moroccan Workers’ Union and the Democratic Confederation of Labour said that the government offer was approved, pending for its ratification by the executive offices and the national councils, starting from this week.

The Democratic Confederation of Labour held its first meeting, yesterday, at its central headquarters in Casablanca to discuss the government proposal; where the majority were in favour of the wage increase proposals, while the other demands have to be studied in details for the implementation of the remaining of the April 20, 2011 agreement, before the beginning of May, as confirmed by the sources of the confederation.

In the same context, the General Union of Moroccan Workers ratified the acceptance of the government for the social groups, considering that “The proposed increase is only a refund of the employees' salaries ‘deduction in the so-called Benkiran pension reform plan".

The government confirmed, through the Minister of Employment and Professional Integration, Mohamed Yatim, that after fruitful negotiations with the social partners, a social agreement will take place to include a set of gains for the working class, including a general increase in the workers’ wages, minimum wages and an increase in the family compensation.

The Ministry of the Interior presented a new government offer to trade unions representing a general increase of 500 dirhams for echelons below the tenth and fifth grades, and 400 dirhams starting from the tenth echelon and sixth grade, and raising the minimum wage in the private and agricultural sectors.

This increase comes eight years after the last general increase in wages for the public employees and the private sector and the last tension between the government and the social actors.

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