Zionist occupation owes 30 billions of Shekels to Palestinian workers


Palestinian workforce minister, Nasri Abou Jaich, declared that the Zionist occupation stole around 30 billions Shekels from Palestinian workers since 1970 in addition to the work permits brokers who get 40% of the daily workers’ wages.

This was during the minister’s meeting with a delegation from the Confederation of Canadian Unions on Wednesday, in the presence of Shaher Saed, the general secretary of the Palestine General Federation of Trade Union. The meeting was searching the best way to defend the 127000 Palestinian workers and their rights.

Abou Jaych said that “Canada is one of the states that support Palestine and we are under Israeli economic blockade and US pressure. This affects all aspects of our lives and the Palestinian workers. The occupation has very bad consequences on the national authority”. He added “We are presently preparing to become a member of the ILO and Palestine is about to implement all the international agreements whether for the workers or the environment”.

It is noteworthy that the ministry is working with the social partners on several issues, most important of which a draft law on modern work, minimum wage, decent work conditions and a draft law on trade union organization.


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