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About us

The Arab Federation of Trade Unions Secretariat has established this site to contribute to supporting the basic rights of workers, especially migrant workers.

In view of the fragile situation of women and youth in the workplace in the Arab region, issues relating to the protection of women and youth from all forms of discrimination and exclusion, took up much space in the contents of this site. An electronic map has been devoted to monitoring the various violations committed against workers.

In order to strengthen the trade unionist capacities, particularly among youth and women, the Executive Secretariat has focused on an e-training program.

The website provides its followers with reference documents on sustainable development issues from trade unionist point of view.

This site contains:

  • News about the conditions of workers in the Arab region

  • An electronic library

  • A map to monitor violations of trade union rights and freedoms

  • Campaigns

  • Cooperation programs with other organizations

  • Coverage of the activities of the Arab Federation of Trade Unions

Our Pillars


In many countries, democratic rights and freedoms are at risk. Unions play a key role in defending them... See more


The world has three times more wealth today that over thirty years ago, yet our taxation systems are not fit for... See more


The lack of ambition on climate change has the world heading towards more than 3.5 degrees above... See more


Equality and equity at work is a core trade union value. Discrimination based on not only gender but also on class, race... See more

Education online

The Arab Trade Union Confederation is implementing a new version of the electronic training system (E-Learning) through a YouTube channel including videos of conferences covering all legal issues and subjects related to union work.

The new Youtube channel will put online live video courses provided by trainers and experts from all fields to strengthen the skills of new trade unionists by providing them with the training necessary to succeed in their union career and obtain a skills diploma recognized in the world of union training.


On the official website of the Arab Trade Union Confederation, there is a comprehensive library that containing a collection of works related to the trade union work, and the economic, social and political circumstances and challenges of the Arab countries. The library is divided into seven major sections: "articles, books, reports, research papers, studies, theses and political papers". The library has a "search engine" to facilitate the searching process for the visitor or researcher by identifying "the concerned country, the field of research (trade union rights and freedoms or social dialogue and collective negotiations), the date of research and the language adopted." It is also possible to download the various books, studies, theses and reports in the form of "pdf". The Arab Trade Union Confederation wishes you a pleasant reading and invites you to participate with your materials that may benefit the workers, trade unionists and those interested in the labor and trade union issues.
Vision and Objectives

The Arab Trade Union Confederation was established upon a collective Arab unionist demand from the Arab organizations that are members of the International Trade Union Confederation. The objective was to create a unionist structure that is concerned with labor issues specific to the Arab region, whose economic and social characteristics differ from the rest of the world regions.

Media and Communication

• Publishing 3 daily news in Arabic, English and French to cover trade union and labor events in the Arab region and highlight the violations recorded against workers in the region
• Organizing awareness and orientation campaigns to advocate for trade union and labor issues. Preparing training videos for trade unionists


• Allocating a continuous electronic training system for the benefit of youth and women in the areas of union work
• Opening perspectives of union trainings for young people from countries not affiliated in the Arab Trade Union Confederation

Research and studies

• Accomplishing economic and social studies and researches related to union work
• Implementing of training and guidance manuals and publications for the benefit of member trade union organizations

International Cooperation

• Promoting international cooperation and building dialogue relationships with International organizations and bodies and economic blocs in order to defend the Arab unionist perspective in the field of partnership policies related to migration, mobility, security, peace and ending wars and armed conflicts
• Building international solidarity fronts to support Arab causes

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