The Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) announced the arrest of the General Secretary of the Highways Syndicate after a complaint filed against him by the company’s administration for infringing the interests of the company, which represents a serious violation of the right to strike.

Mauritania: Agreement on the rights of workers in the National Company for Road Industry

The Mauritanian News Agency reported that on January 26 in Nouakchott, an agreement was signed for the benefit of the dismissed workers of the former National Company for Road Industry and the government. This agreement provides for granting 50 million new ounces to these 148 workers, in exchange for withdrawing their complaints with the competent court and closing this file.

Sudan: Strikes all over Sudan

Strikes and protests have prevailed in many sectors in Sudan for nearly three continuous months, in light of the deteriorating general conditions in the country. Perhaps one of the most important strikes launched recently was the strike of the employees of the Tax Office to demand an increase in salaries and the improvement of their working conditions.