Palestine: Decision to raise the minimum wage for all workers in public and private sectors

Shaher Saad, the Secretary-General of the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU), said that the first national conference of social dialogue held in February 2021 with private sector institutions and the Ministry of Labour has been concluded with raising the minimum wage for all male and female workers in public and private sectors from 1450 to 1880 shekels.

Morocco: The Democratic Confederation of Labour urges the Prime Minister to open a tripartite social dialogue

The Secretary-General of the Democratic Confederation of Labour (CDT), Abdelkader Al-Zayer, asked Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch to urgently have a tripartite social dialogue, to institutionalize dialogue, negotiate issues of the working class, and address social conflicts, and study the repercussions of the pandemic on the conditions of working people.

Greece: Sarah Mardini faces 25 years of prison for human trafficking

Sarah Mardini and 23 volunteers who participated in helping refugees reach Lesbos in Greece have been accused of human trafficking, money laundering, and fraud. They have been classified as a criminal organization according to a report submitted to the court. Sarah Medini’s trial will be on November 18, in Lesbos. She may be punished with more than 25 years of prison.

Jordan: Ministry of Labour and trade union cooperate to preserve the workers’ rights in the bakery sector

On November 28, the General Union of Workers in the Food Industries said in a press statement, after its meeting with the Ministry of Labour on workers’ demands in the bakery and sweets sector, that it had a meeting at its headquarters with workers representatives to listen to their demands. The latter include job stability, work contracts, violations related to salaries and working hours, their inclusion in social security, ensuring that their services are not arbitrarily ended, and providing the necessary social protection when their services are dismissed.