Tunisia: Deteriorating conditions of workers in SITAP El Borma

On December 14, the regional trade union in Tataouine issued a statement, after the last study on the situation of workers in SITAP, in El Borma. The trade union blames the poor conditions of workers on the parties that disrupt the work between the two companies PETRO CONFORT and PETROSERV. The workers have been victims of the blockage of receiving and handing over, calling on all concerned parties to solve the problems that were agreed upon in the session held on December 13th.

Morocco: An Awareness Campaign on Social Protection for Domestic Workers

On December 15, members of civil society organizations in Casablanca took part in a field study and called for implementing the law that was published in the official gazette in 2016. The law came into force in June, last year. The law orders that the working contract should be validated by the signatories and the ministry of labour. Working hours should not exceed 48 hours a week with a weekly leave and not less than a 60% of the minimum wage, that is $170 a month.