Report from the Council of Europe: Mistreatment and Exploitation of Moroccan Strawberry Pickers in Spain

In Andalusia, the agricultural sector represents 7.8% of the GDP. Among the thriving crops, red fruits, especially strawberries, hold a predominant place. According to Interfresa data, the province of Huelva produces 300,000 tons of strawberries every year, which accounts for more than 90% of the total Spanish production. This sector requires a substantial workforce: each harvest season, about 100,000 people are called to work in the 23,000 strawberry fields, and the majority of these workers are foreigners.

Survival Struggles of Yemen's Daily-Wage Workers: Lost Jobs and Uncertain Lives Amidst War

The war in Yemen has led to the loss of various jobs, while those that have been preserved are often precarious and poorly paid. Daily-wage workers, who typically rely on temporary and informal employment, are particularly vulnerable. They confront challenging working conditions, a lack of social protection, and inadequate wages to support their families' needs.