Kuwait: Ministry of Awqaf pledges to investigate complaint by mosque workers

In a statement, the Kuwaiti ministry denounced the content of a video widely circulated on social networks, showing mosque workers being blackmailed by entrepreneurs in exchange for the renewal of their residence permits. The Ministry classified these practices as human trafficking and stated that the case will be deferred to the competent authorities. The Ministry called on all victims to submit a complaint.

Greece: Sarah Mardini faces 25 years of prison for human trafficking

Sarah Mardini and 23 volunteers who participated in helping refugees reach Lesbos in Greece have been accused of human trafficking, money laundering, and fraud. They have been classified as a criminal organization according to a report submitted to the court. Sarah Medini’s trial will be on November 18, in Lesbos. She may be punished with more than 25 years of prison.

Egypt: New electronic database of centres hosting victims of human trafficking

The reports issued in 2020 by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes in the Middle East and Africa showed an increase in human trafficking during COVID-19 due to the victims’ deteriorating economic conditions. The Ministry of Social Solidarity opened centres to accommodate women and children victims of human trafficking to protect them from beggary, forced labour, and physical and sexual exploitation.