“The ATUC structure provides a new and authoritative voice for working men and women in  the region, and a platform through which the unions throughout the Arab world can work  for a better future.”
Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the ITUC.
"The meeting and creation of a new trade union confederation within the ITUC is a clear statement by national trade union centers in the Arab world that there is a determination to play their full...
Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General
"Your initiative to establish a new Arab organization- ATUC- is an ambitious and courageous endeavor.  It coincides with tremendous changes taking place in the Arab region and represents the first...
Bernadette Segol, ETUC General Secretary


Every day, tens of millions of Arab citizens leave their homes for work. They face difficult conditions,

with hard working jobs and little income, where those returning to their homes dream of better working

conditions and salaries that enable them to support their families and live in decent conditions.

Well how can this be without them having a voice to defend them and means that allow them to

defend their rights.Unions were established for this purpose since the beginning of the twentieth

century in the Arab countries. but they were suppressed and they were not allowed

to work freely or go out and do what they have to do for the benefit of the workers

and all the wage earners.....read more

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